Thursday, April 10, 2008

Windows XP / RAID 1/ drivers

Yesterday, i was trying to install Windows XP Professional on a server. I prepared the hardware, connect those 2 hard drives in RAID 1 (mirroring), got the drivers from Intel's website and here we go, i got prepared to install stuffs.

Everything went great till that moment. We got licensed Windows XP Service Pack 1. Well, don't know how many of you know, but SP1 has no SATA/RAID drivers support. I installed 3'rd party drivers, but again, when he reached copying files into temporary hard disk folder, BAM !, insert the CD with appropriate drivers. How could i do that if when it loads them, it asks for a floppy disk !!! and now he's looking for CD. Well, i managed it out. Skipped copying those files, enter again in repair console mode, then copy the files to System32/drivers and Inf folders under Windows directory.
Everything is great, till BAM ! again. Error after loading mup.sys. In fact, can be some reasons of the error: ACPI Enable in BIOS, SATA driver, RAID driver, Video Card... I got confused and mad. I got all drivers from Intel website, and guild my own unattended Windows version.
Works like a charm ! Congrats to me ! :D

Well the day haven't passed over so fast. I'm still after some SDK for mouse gesture recognition. I need to make a PHP date site, in fact, a community-dating portal; i have some other mate waiting for the images and text for a website to do.

Been thinking...all the Trojans, Rats are using internet communication for sending data from your computer. How would be, if will use Bluetooth communication. You infect your girlfriend for example, for example, power your laptop next to her PC/Laptop then, start the client who automatically will download all the collected data. Amazing ! No anti-virus/trojan/spyware/malware will detect this. I'll try build something like that, well, when I'm gonna have some spare time.

Back to my business, i wanna recommend some sites for some of you, sites i have found useful on today's work, on everyday life, in fact, in lots of things.

First, Steve Pavlina will explain us the "10 reasons you should never get a job". It's a well made article, great one in fact.

Then, Veerle's blog. Another great place for web design and development tutorials and examples.
And in the end, magnificent article from The Future of the Web: "Freelancing: First eight months".

If you need a change in life, want something better, no more stress, under payment and you have the capabilities to do that, do it. Freelancing is one of the best job ever. More profitable. Time+Money/4-10 hours/day > 5.

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