Friday, April 11, 2008

Google Earth and Integration onto Windows Applications

Few week ago i was playing with Google API trying to make an online tracker and offline data viewer. I mess it up lamentably. Cause of many thing, but I'm concentrate in here only over the most important ones.

1. Lack of support and integration for FAI recommended formats. As a sample, .IGC files are not supported by GE. Well, i said i can handle that. Using a 3'rd party freeware application and a script for auto processing the .IGC files, i was converting all files while i was starting the application. Task done !

2. Lack of Google Earth options available in GE API. Hell, I've found like maximum(probably less though) 15 functions/extends that i can use in my code. I found out in the end, it's lost time. Everyday i worked on this project means lost time.

3. Problems integrating GE in your application. HA ! Was a mess trying this. You loose focus, need to PInvoke to hide screens, windows. Even more, it's not only implementing (at the beginning the map only), but the controls too.

Final conclusions. They have a lot to work so make this API developer related, for all kinds of developers, for novice ones till guru's. Thought it's a start.

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