Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Neural Networks, Mouse Gestures, Gesture Recognizer

Hell, yesterday i got a new task. To implement for our company mobile software applications a IPhone gesture based user interface(UI). It's really shitty, no matter what. In fact, the main problem is that i have to use a complex neural network algorithm combined with gesture management. Normally, it will take like 3 months to complete the this, except the 3D part using DirectX(preferably) or OpenGL.

Then the problems starts. Creating a 3D interface using DX implies a lot of things, and if we do a economic feasibility study we get nowhere. Technically it's feasible, at the limit though.

Been founding this: .NET C# Application to Create and Recognize Mouse Gestures

Looking around over it, seems to me that it's a point of start. I'll try contact Daniele to talk with him about this. Till then, I'll put an eye over the code provided.

More informations and links about this can be found on the following websites:

Artificial neural network
Project Doc-WMG
Mouse gesture recognition

PS: I have forgot, Liverpool won 4-2 against Arsenal. Great game ! Bring the Cup to the KOP !!

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